Guests: 15   Fav Colors: Daniel (10 yrs) and Eyuel (8yrs) favorite color is green.  Since they are boys use dark green. You will have to use white but make sure you don’t create a bunch of light green which will emasculate the painting. The mom will give me a list of the names for the jersey.  They love soccer so perhaps you can incorporate soccer balls with the cake.  You can put one name on one layer and the other on the other layer and add a third layer.  Prepare the canvases so that they all have the number ‘7’.  Your prepaint will reflect what is in the original.  The names to be stenciled on follow:

1. Beckham

2. Newton

3. Musse

4. Natan

5. Abby

6. Becky

7. Watson

8. Jax

9. Bami

10. Dagi

11. Adonias

12. Beta

13. Afomia

14. Eden

15. King David

There may be two walk-ins but she does not have their names as of yet.

  •  February 18, 2018
     4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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