Fundraising Event

$35 per person minimum; a generous portion of the proceeds to go to the charity when minimum requirements are met.

Price is for a two hour party on a  16 X 20 canvas or wooden cutout.

ALL GA studios are BYOB so bring your favorite beer, wine, soda and food.

May also provide door prizes for supporters of your charity.

* If minimum class requirements aren’t met, the donated price per person reduces to $10.00, and the $100 deposit is non-refundable. 

* If minimum registrations are not met 10 days prior to the event, Studio reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the event.  If cancelled, paid funds cannot be refunded, however paid registrants may still come to the studio and complete a canvas painting for the scheduled event only.

Minimum 25 people registered per class – Anytime

Are you ready to book?!?!?  Complete the form below and submit or call (706) 362-0919 for further details and requirements.

Fundraising Event Request Form

Fundraising Event
Fundraising Event
(Ideas include but are not limited to Crosses, Drinks, Flowers, Landscapes, Trees, etc.)
Party Length